About Us

  Welcome to our garden of patio furniture When a wisp of fresh breeze greets you, you know that the favorite part of your house has opened up, warming the cockles of your heart, energizing and soothing you. Your garden, balcony or veranda is that small corner of your love nest where you get connected to the outer world as well as to yourself. We at Patio Dezigns are vowed to add beauty to your charming corner with our unique range of wicker furniture. Here’s a dekko at our collection. For starters, wicker is not a sort of material, rather a weaving process. Wicker furniture can be made of any natural or man-made material like vine, grasses and plants or synthetic vinyl or resins that is supple and strong enough to be bending and woven into furniture. Wicker weave makes for perfect Patio furniture that can stand harsh sunlight to a great extent. Whether you are looking for erecting a mini bar at your patio, or form a cozy place for just you two – Patio Dezigns has got answer for everything. An outdoor furniture set for every occasion. What makes us different is that we handpick collection which ensures that you got splendid and exclusive furniture set. At Patio Dezigns, we are catering to the niche crowd. So, forget taking a stroll down to the dusty lanes of a furniture market, or checking out sets at any lifestyle section. Come to Patio Dezigns for choosing outdoor furniture at the comfort of your house. Relax, and rest will be taken care by us!

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